5 Cafes To Visit in Novena

The standards of coffee in Singapore are becoming very high as more locals embrace the culture of gourmet coffee café. Here are five recommended cafes in Novena to eat and sip.

1.  Joe and Dough 

This homegrown chain serves good handcrafted coffee – full-bodied and robust without that burnt or sour taste. Their ambiance is excellent for business discussions or a short meeting over a freshly brewed mocha or cappuccino. They also have a good selection of delectable pastries that are freshly baked daily. Breakfast at Joe & Dough must definitely be in everybody’s to-do list. Oh,  and they have free wifi!

2. La Ristrettos

If you are looking for the best brunch menu and coffee, then you are in for a treat. This coffee joint has a very homey feel and serves drinks with beans from Africa, Italy, and Australia. Enjoy it with pastries or try their Italian-inspired menu of salads, frittata, pasta, and bruschettas. You have the option for indoor seating or to go outside to the garden atrium, where there are lots of quiet and green spaces. A sweet escape from the bustling shopping areas and teeming crowds, this quaint little café is a hidden gem found at the Level 8 of Novena Medical Center.

3. Professor Brawn Café

 If you want a decent cup of coffee, tasty food, and support businesses with a cause, visit this café. Professor Brawn Café is a social enterprise that gives employment opportunities to people with special needs. You also get to interact with them and show them that they are a part of a caring community. The service here is excellent, and their food is superb with huge portions. 

4. Enchanted Café

All foodies should not miss the fantastic brunch menu of Enchanted Café. Tucked in Little India in Novena, this café has a chill and positive vibe. It has a full-sized tree inside and other dreamy bits just, it’s like you are stepping into a fairytale. Drinks and food in this café are just as whimsical in terms of both taste and presentation. The most Instagram-worthy is their theatrical Sorcerer’s Elixir – a blue drink that is set in a stone dish, completed with light smoke. The item that stands out on the menu is their version of Ngoh Hiang Burger, a taste of the Singaporean favorite served with touches of fantasy. What’s more impressive is the fact that their chef takes time to hand make each sauce from scratch. Now isn’t that really worth a try?

5. Craftsmen Specialty Coffee 

Craftsmen Specialty Coffee is a hit among the office crowd during lunchtime. You can quickly grab a quick lunch. The space is cozy with warm lights and feel-good music. They serve good coffee and a variety of craft beers and cider. Try their lemon pie and pair it with a decent cup of cappuccino. Bring your laptop here for work or simply chill with friends.

These cafés do not only deliver in terms of food and coffee but also with the overall ambiance and experience. For your next catch up session with friends, why not bring them to one of these cafes. If you need assistance, BugisCredit is ready to help you.

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