Experience Newton through these 5 Best Value Activities

Adventurous tourists are always on the lookout for that true-blue Singaporean grub, and Newton is a hands-down favorite. But this place is so much more than just a hawker haven. Get a feel of how it is like to be a Crazy Rich Asian with these five best value activities.

1. Sheraton Towers Singapore

For starters, indulge yourself and have a stay at this highly touted hotel. Enjoy their expansive swimming pool or perhaps a sip in one of their bar lounges. If you feel the need to go out, they have bicycles and cars for you to rent as well. But with their captivating combination of luxury and convenience, you’d most probably find yourself staying indoors. There should be something for everyone here, with amenities including massage service, steam room, fitness gym, and even evening entertainment.

2. EGT Scooter

Explore the neighborhood without the tired legs of walking and the budget dent of rental cars. With EGT Scooter, you will definitely go places. It is a refreshing break away from your mainstream look-around experience. If you haven’t been on any of these scooters, make sure to get a few operating tips from their service crew before hopping on and moving along. Oh, and your rental fee is good for a full 24 hours!

3. Art Forum

Treat your eyes and mind to artwork displays in one of Singapore’s contemporary art galleries. Perched in a restored two-story terrace house, Art Forum showcases and promotes affordable artworks of over a hundred young artists from Southeast Asia. Their diverse collection includes paintings, sculptures, photography, and even ceramics. And if you see something you like, you can always ask for the price!

4. Que Pasa Wine Bar & Tapas

This place is called the Spanish surprise for a reason. The unassuming interior is inspired by old Spanish bodega, and the outdoor seating is an open, cozy patio. Aside from the obvious, their quesadilla is a must-try. Order a No. 5 Pizza, and you won’t regret it as well. Some say their chicken wings are also the best in town. You have to go easy on their wines and liquors, though, as the prices can be too much.

5. Chinois Spa

Cap off your day by a visit to this healthy, well-being alternative. Working with the finest natural ingredients, let this spa soothe you with their vast array of rejuvenating spa therapies. There’s nothing like being tucked away in this tranquil surrounding, enjoying a deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Jacuzzi bath, or an organic facial treatment.

Make sure that you do not miss out on these activities when you’re in Newton! And if you feel like grabbing an ice-cold beer and hawker food, you’re right smack in the middle of one of Singapore’s best. Make it happen with BugisCredit.

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