5 Quiet Places in Pearl Hill for a Relaxing Afternoon

If you enjoy taking afternoon strolls, you’ll find yourself lost in the beauty of Pearl Hill’s relaxing scenery. There are many relaxing places to visit, perfect for a relaxing afternoon. Here are some of the most serene places you should check out for a quiet afternoon for yourself. 

  1. Pearl’s Hill City Park

Nestled in the corner of Pearl Hill is a hidden gem for anyone looking for some tranquility and peace. It’s a great place to visit to make a quick escape from the hustle and bustle in the City. You can easily find yourself lost in this luscious park, with greeneries and wood around you. You can even sit back and relax by the pond, and have a quiet moment for yourself. 

2. Pearl’s Hill Service Reservoir

Have a cultural experience at the Pearl’s Hill Service Reservoir. The whole area dates back as early as 1898, and it still stands in the City as a functioning reservoir. Although space has highly strict security, your trip up the hill for this reservoir will be worth it. Its architecture remains intact despite being centuries old. 

3. Pearl Bank Apartments

Take an afternoon stroll at the Pearl Bank Apartment. This private residential building has stunning architecture, and it houses several locals in the neighborhood. The building has a majestic panoramic view of Singapore, and it looks especially remarkable when the sunsets. Visit this quiet apartment area and marvel at the magnificent architecture.

4. Pearl’s Hill Terrace

Above the hill lies the apartments of some locals. It’s situated right behind the old barracks, and it’s seen a lot of changes in the neighborhood. Today, the apartment is known for housing many international students and local workers. Rest assured, your stroll around the area will be undisrupted.

5. Pearl Park Primary School

This site used to be a school, but today it’s already been transformed into a hostel. Nevertheless, its architecture remains the same as its predecessor. There’s a lot of history behind the changes the school went through. Not only that, but the school is situated on a road which conveniently leads to the market.

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