Top 5 Places To Shop Until You Drop in Orchard, Singapore

Among the millions of things Singapore is famous for, Orchard Road remains at the top of the list of tourist destinations. This bustling junction is the utopian shopping hub, an impressive rise from its humble beginnings as a no-name plantation street.

From extravagant retail to world-class global cooking styles, Singapore’s most popular shopping area is home to an abundance of experiences.
Orchard Road’s busy lane has evolved into a retail and cuisine heaven, with more than 5,000 enterprises offering exclusive experiences to both sightseers and locals.

So if you want to indulge in extravagance and Epicurean Indulgences, try out the following:

1. Retail Heaven

Tangs - Top 5 Places To Shop Until You Drop in Orchard, Singapore

If you’re going to go on a retail escapade, there’s only one place to start; one of the foundational establishments in the area, TANGS! The mall plan is a structural tribute to the Prohibited City, finished with eccentric East-type construction undertones.

It is packed with notable brands, Asian trouvailles and one of a kind gifts. The particular Chinese-planned structure has advanced into a cutting edge Asian lifestyle store that has gained popularity with worldwide guests. 

For excellent exotic designer wear, visit the TANG to commence a shopping spree to remember.

2. Far East Plaza

Far East Plaza - Top 5 Places To Shop Until You Drop in Orchard, Singapore

Ideal for family shopping, the Far East Plaza attracts wide ranges of crowds with a Shangri-la for edgy teens seeking fresh fashion pieces from obscure designers.

Over 800 retail outlets are available in the 6-levels of the shopping center, and it caters to the modern youth culture and the most stylish trends.

Designer stores are easygoing and often over the top, and vacationers usually visit them for the discounts accessible on things like hardware and videography. Additionally, it has outlets that permit you to dovetail suits as well as tattoo lounges. Master tip: most of the stores are randomly sorted out, stuffed from floor to roof – so this is a great shopping center to indulge yourself fully.

So head to Far East Court for modest fashion discoveries and heavenly neighborhood cuisines!

3. Façade of ION Orchard at night

ION Orchard - Top 5 Places To Shop Until You Drop in Orchard, Singapore

Aficionados in fine wines will love The Grande Whisky Assortment, found on the fifth level of ION Orchard. Cuisine savouring and in-depth directed expeditions are conducted, making it a perfect spot to extend your knowledge of the area and unwind.

To enjoy a reprieve from shopping and appreciate an episode of masterful drenching, visit the ION Art Display. Their space includes a scope of global and local presentations that will spark your internal creativity. 

This shopping center houses a scope of stylish streetwear shops, inexpensive beauty supplies and incredible bargains on gadgets.

Treat yourself to Singapore’s most glitzy shopping complex with upscale style brands like Louis Vuitton to fulfill your lavish shopping needs.

4.Orchard Central

Orchard Central - Top 5 Places To Shop Until You Drop in Orchard, Singapore

Orchard Central overlooks other shopping centers on Orchard Street. Any of the six super lifts allow you to get a taste of the shopping center. Foreign tourists qualify for a shopping discount upon producing their traveling documents at the reception. 

The off-the-wall design is an eye-catcher, adding an artistic touch to your shopping experience. On the celebrated lifts, you’ll be wowed by the advanced programmed art embellishing the external walls and a vast number of establishments sprinkled inside.

Orchard Central superbly mixes marketing with displayed structures. At the bottom, you’ll find some well-known designer names, while the more top floors house the best eateries and bars.

5. 313@Somerset Mall

313@Somerset Mall - Top 5 Places To Shop Until You Drop in Orchard, Singapore

If you have a bit of a hippie spirit and enjoy the efficiency that one-stop-shops offer, then you’ll love the 313@Somerset Mall.

They have a wide assortment of worldwide youthful styles and a lot of eatery spots, including an exquisite food court on the top level. 

Found directly over the Somerset MRT station, this shopping hub is attention-grabbing due to its relaxed, hip vibe and inexpensive labels. You are guaranteed of entertainment as there’s always a hub of activity happening, from real-time designer launches, live bands and eccentric pubs hosting performances.

313@Somerset is the perfect place to indulge in retail therapy while also enjoying pure entertainment.

Pro tip: Plan your visit around June to August when they hold their annual Great Singapore Sale (GSG) and offer the lowest prices possible! And if you’re a local in need of cash infusion, then check out Bugis Credit for the best cash loans in Singapore. 

To maneuver your way from Orchard Street to Bugis Credit, check out these directions.

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