5 Restaurants to Try in Bendemeer

Restaurants offer some relief and experience to their diners and customers. Traveling around Bendemeer, Singapore, you don’t know what to expect to eat, but you’re sure on a delicious journey in these restos. Here are five that offer must-try eats and flavors from around the world in Bendemeer.

1. Drunken Rabbits

There is no better way to enjoy the nightlife scene than over Italian and Mexican food and a couple of drinks. Drunken Rabbits serves just that. Their menu is of exquisite Italian dishes, along with delicious Mexican meals as well. To have a better dining experience, you may opt to use the outdoor seating arrangements and converse with your companions delightfully.2

2. Leong Ji Seafood

Nothing can go wrong with a great layout of a seafood menu. Leong Ji Seafood has just been opened, but they are slowly gaining a significant number of customers courtesy of their delicious seafood dishes. This is suitable for big family gatherings, given the big servings they have. Their price range is fair and very pocket-friendly.

3. Soek Seng Bicycle Café

The upper hand of these restaurants can be credited to their unique wall mounting and decorations, which are all made of bicycles and related items. Their distinct ambiance and features make them a crowd favorite. A mixture of local, Japanese, and Western dishes comprise their menu. Well, maybe you can enjoy eating while riding one of the bicycles on display.

4. Swensens

If you want a time out from the heavy meals, you can have your dessert fix at Swensens. They offer a wide variety of ice cream flavors, cakes, beverages, and light snacks to enjoy. It has a casual and bright atmosphere perfect for some relaxation and calm after hours of strolling around the city.

5. The Curry Culture

Paired with the delicious Indian dishes and delicacies on the menu, The Curry Culture has a warm and cozy feel once you walk in. It does not necessarily seem like a restaurant. The ambiance is comfortable enough for you to enjoy munching and conversing with your companions for hours.

Restaurant hopping is one high activity to do to taste the flavors. These places in Bendemeer have proven to be tasteful by the great menu that pulls the customers back to their dining area. All your senses can be attracted by the food served here. A food fest for the eyes, nose, and taste buds awaits you in Bendemeer.

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